The People

Engaging the World is a ShebaFilms production by Ron Harpelle made with the financial assistance of the International Development Research Centre (IDRC). The video clips used in Engaging the World are outtakes from a television series called Citoyens du Monde produced by Les Productions Rivard. Kelly Saxberg directed Citioyens du Monde and most of the photography is by Donald Delorme. The interviews were conducted by Bruce Muirhead and Ron Harpelle. The editing of the original videos was by Gabriel Harpelle. Adrien Harpelle edited segments to add graphics and make the videos compatible with Engaging the World.

The Production Team

Ron Harpelle, Kelly Saxberg, Donald Delorme, Gabriel Harpelle, Adrien Harpelle, Amanda Lino, Bruce Muirhead

The Participants

Lamia Al Fatal, Daniel Annerose, Innocent Butaré, Alioune Camara, Roberto Bazzani, John Biehl, Alan Brum Pinheiro, Margaret Catley Carlson, Zoubida Charrouf, Omar Cissé, Ernest Dabiré, Judith Erazo, Omar Fernandez, Amandine Fuchiron, Indira Gandhi, Dipak Gyawal, Yang Huan, S Janakarajan, Shalini Kala, Hammou Laamrani, D. Rosairo, D.S. Girjia, Moubarack Lo, Muhamad Ly, Lu Mai, Luz Mendez, Déthié Soumaré Ndiaye, Philomena Ndiaye, Eglal Rashad, Oumar Sissoko, Assiata Boubou Sall, Walter Sanchez, Fatou Sarr, Vandana Shiva, Yiching Song, Judith Sutz, MS Swaminathan, Ramata Thioune, Palmira Ventosilla,

Special Thanks

Lauchlan Munro, Steven High, Wesley Shrum, Matthew Burton, Louis Paquin, Louise Simard, Matt Soar, Yves Bernard, IDRC, Les Productions Rivard, KOMODO, RESRG,,