The Project

Engaging the World is the last piece of a project to write the history and make a documentary series about Canada’s International Development Research Centre. The project was headed by historians Bruce Muirhead and Ron Harpelle. In addition to publishing IDRC: 40 years of Ideas, Innovation and Impact and Long Term Solutions in a Short Term World: Canada and Research for Development, the researchers collaborated with documentary film director Kelly Saxberg to produce Citoyens du Monde/Citizens of the World, a six-part documentary series on International Development. Engaging the World draws upon footage from around the world that could not be used in the series. The videos included in Engaging the World were rescued before they ended up on the editing room floor. The videos are drawn from conversations with some of the people who shared their stories with the filmmakers for the film series. The idea is to present viewers with opinions on some of the challenges of international development.

Ron Harpelle teaches History at Lakehead University.

Bruce Muirhead teaches History at the University of Waterloo.