Engage the World

Engaging the World allows you to embark on an interactive exploration of selected themes in international development. The film consists of very short individual videos that the Korkasow program uses to generate a documentary film that is tailored to your viewing interests. Elsewhere on this website you can find a number of related tools that will assist you in making the most of this interactive experience. Read on for more information or hit the button below to begin.


How it works

What you will find are a total of 52 videos of individuals answering questions about international development. The videos range between about 1.5 and 2 minutes in length. The first large screen you see will be the introduction. Below the selected video you will be given a choice of four other related videos that appear in random order. When you are ready to proceed you merely click on one of the videos on the bottom. Each video has a question as a title. Once you make your selection it will appear in a large screen and the cycle will begin again with four new options displayed at the bottom.  The viewer decides what path to follow and once a clip is viewed it will not appear as an option again. There is no going back. Imbedded keywords link the videos to one another in a variety of ways.

Do it your way

The total viewing time is approximately 120 minutes without pause, but you do not have to watch it all at once. It is recommended that you watch the film as a series of shorter web-docs and every time you do, it will be different. The only thing that remains the same is the first video which is the introduction. After that, no two viewing experiences are the same because the system provides different options for the order of the film every time.

Take it to the limit

You can see a segment of the film again, but not with the technology used to create Engaging the World. To locate the individual videos go to the Elements tab on the menu bar above and follow the instructions. The Classroom tab provides ideas on how to use Engaging the World with students in high school or university. In the classroom section you will also find information about two books that accompany Engaging the World and the television series. The Project tab on the menu will introduce you to the project leaders and the People tab will introduce you to the participants in the films.  If Engaging the World is not enough for your appetite you can also watch the full documentary series by going to the Television Series on the menu bar.